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At Mud to Suds, we provide professional grooming services. We provide a warm and inviting salon environment for your pet. Our groomers take pride in making sure our clients, furry and human friends, are content.

Owner, Amber Settle, is an International Pet Groomer [IPG] Certified Master Groomer. It is important to mention, only 1 percent of groomers receive Master Groomer accreditation both nationally and internationally. Ms. Settle carefully selects premium products for her salon. In addition, she requires the products used in pet care be free of phosphates and enzymes, and animal cruelty free.

With Mud to Suds, you can expect only the best for your pet.

Mud to Suds

Grooming Services

Mud to Suds, Pet Grooming Services

Mud to Suds tailors services to meet your pet’s individual needs. Our standard grooming practices include proper hair removal from ears, nail clipping and filing, relieve anal glands, bathing with deep cleansing shampoo, condition coat, massage, finishing rinse, hand drying, sanitary clip and stylish hair cut that suits you and your pet’s needs.

Bathing Services

There are times when your pet just needs a thorough, professional wash. Mud to Suds provides all of the listed grooming services without the trim.

NOTE: We ensure a friendly and safe environment for your pet. It is in this spirit, we require proof your pet has received their DHPP and Rabies vaccination before we provide services.

Our Fur Babies

Personalized Pricing

No pets are alike. Mud to Suds provides individually crafted treatment for each client – we do not have standard pricing. It really depends on the your pet’s specific needs. Prices can range anywhere from $35 to $100. You will find Mud to Suds pricing to be fair and reasonable given the love and care tenderly given to your pet.

24-Hour Cancellation Policy

Due to our popularity and demand for appointments, we have a 24-hour cancellation policy. A no show fee will applied at half the grooming cost.


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Self Wash

Mud to Suds, Self Wash

We are sorry to announce that self wash is closed until further notice as of Jan 28th 2017. Should the problems be resolved we have been having, we may consider reopening. Thank you for your understanding.


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